Jim Lomanto, ’67 interviewed with Marene (Clark) Mattern, ’68 about the history of ISDAA Museum. She explained how it started.
Jim Lomanto, ’67 interviewed with Elaine (Lantz) Cady, ’58 about ISDAA Museum. She took him a grand tour of ISDAA Museum.
The video length is about 30 minutes total. You can watch part from 1 to 5. You might want to go and get some popcorn or maybe a cold drink before you start to watch the videos. Enjoy!
Click here for part one (9:47)
Click here for part two (1:56)
Click here for part three (7:51)
Click here for part four (8:10)
Click here for part five (3:38)

If you want to donate some money to ISDAA Museum. You can send a check ISDAA Museum.

Payable to:

ISDAA Museum
125 Webster Street
Jacksonville, IL 62650
Attn: Elaine Cady

For more information about ISDAA Museum, be sure to contact either Elaine or Marene via email. (