ISDAA Membership


The Tiger Times is an official newsletter of Illinois School for the Deaf Alumni Association regular news from alumni.

The newsletter is published quarterly – First issue in January-March; Second issue in April-June; Third issue in July-September and Fourth issue in October-December. They are mailed out in-between the months specified with first class postage affixed thereon.

Subscription Rates For The Tiger Times: The current membership including
subscription to The Tiger Times is $12.00 for Single or $17.00 for Husband/Wife per year.

Remember to give your new address to our Membership Secretary, Shelley Williams ’82 via email: or to her mailing address: 904 St. Andrews Cir. Rantoul, IL 61866. The reason for that is to help you get the newsletter on time in the mail, or in your computer if you’re getting it electronically. It also helps make the newsletter mail outs smoothly instead of mailing it out again to you with your new address after getting it back with a sticker from USPS saying you have moved or that your e-mail address is not deliverable if you have changed the e-mail address. Thanks for your cooperation.

Here is the ISDAA Membership form for you to fill up the form if you are interested to subscribe it. The form is PDF, please click –> ISDAA Membership form to open PDF and print it.

Have any questions/concerns about The Tiger Times Newsletter, please contact Shelley Williams,