Gift of NFSD Custom-Made Round Table to ISDAA Museum

To the Illinois School for the Deaf Alumni Association.

The Al Van Nevel Memorial Foundation Board consisting of nine members hereby agreed in their annual Board meeting last July 19, 2017 held at your Alma Mater to gift the famous National Fraternal Society of the Deaf (NFSD) custom-made table to the ISDAA Museum. After looking for a most appropriate place to house the table after NFSD dissolved in January, 2007, we felt that your Museum was the most deserving to receive this gift.

The Board wishes to thank the Illinois School for the Deaf for housing the NFSD Round table in their 2nd Floor Conference Room in the Main Building for ten years as we awaited our decision how to “dispose” of it. The then- ISD Superintendent, Mary Beth Lauderdale reassured us that it would never become a property of the State of Illinois and we thank her.

With this official announcement, I trust the current Superintendent, Julee Nist will work with ISDAA Museum Curators, Elaine Cady and Marene Mattern to insure the status stay intact.

The famous NFSD Round Table custom-made by a deaf man many years ago will continue to be in use by both ISDAA and ISD. There will be a plaque mounted on the wall at the entrance of the 2nd Floor Conference Room engraved with wordings of the history of the NFSD Table.

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It is heartening to know the wonderful table is in good hands for years to come with your Museum in possession of our gift. We thank you.


Paula Chance, Vice President, AVNMF