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2017 CAAD Women Champions

WSAD Warriors Head Coach Dino Lomanto, ’91 and Assistant Coach Steve Haynie, ’85 led their team to win their first 2017 Central Athletics Association of the Deaf (CAAD) women champions in Ann Arbor, Michigan last March 3-4, 2017. Dino got ‘Coach of the Tournament’ award. Their team will attend two national tournaments, USA Deaf Basketball (USADB) on April 20-22 in Washington D.C. and National Deaf Basketball Organization (NDBO) on May 4-6 in Dayton, Ohio. Congratulations, Dino and Steve.


On one of Bob Dramin ‘88’s summer trips to St. Louis, he decided to drop in to visit Mike Moore at Dolan Memory Care Homes. The visit was bittersweet but was a good one with reviving some old memories of Mike’s years as basketball coach and athletic director at ISD. 



 He was able to recall vaguely all the wonderful years of bringing CSSD  championships to ISD when ISD fielded excellent teams during those years between 1964 and 1999 as an ISD employee. 

Honoring Mrs. Kramer

It was Dorothy Kramer’s 90th Birthday Party in Quincy on June 26th 2016.

ISD Alumni were:

Back row: Cissy Brown 1970-71, Nick Campbell 2005, Dick Craig 1963, Robert Higdon Isd 1962, Dale Gillam 1971. Second row: Elaine Lantz Cady 1958, Janice Onderbeke & Joe Henning 1965, Rosa Correa 1979, Terri Ashbaugh 1985. Sitting: Ruby Mackey Marie ISD 1950, Dorothy Fengel Kramer 1945, Rose Mackey Deushane ISD 1945. Absent: Rose Zanger Cherry 1971.



Take a sneak peek of list of Superintendents in menu of History on top of the ISDAA website ( from 1845 to now.

Who was your superintendent when you were a student?


What is ASL?

What is ASL? America Sign Language is a visual language. It was originated approximately 200 years ago. ASL is a language with its own unique rules of grammar and syntax. The brain processes linguistic information through the eyes. The shape, placement, and movement of the hands, as well as facial expressions and body movements, all play important parts in conveying information.

***Very beneficial and informative articles***

Explaining BICS and CALP: Classroom teachers need to understand the difference between social language and acidic language acquisition. (You can find simple description of BICS and CALP by going to this link: (

America Sign Language Spoken Here: For deaf and hard of hearing individuals, sign language provide a clear and effective means of communication. (Http://

Research on Baby Sign Language: Research on baby sign language proves that teaching baby signs improves cognitive and emotional development. Far from slowing down speech, baby sign language actually increases the rate of verbal development and at the same time it increases the parent/child bond. (Http://

***ASL Storytelling***

Illinois School for the Deaf Alumni Association will announce a fun, exciting yet thriving educational ASL storytelling on their website sometime soon in late Fall. You can also contact us at for more information.

***Individual Education Plan***

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s IEP rights, you can contact us at

Kids 4 ASL Task Force are looking forward to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your child’s education needs, communication needs and IEP rights.

**ASL is the best choice for language acquisition and for a natural education delivery. Protect your child’s rights to ASL in educational environment.**


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