Happy 175th birthday

175 people showed up ISD 175th gala dinner and celebrated. Watch video. More »

Tour the Campus

ISD buildings described by students for 175th anniversary. Watch video. More »

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Jim Lomanto explains more about new features. Watch video. More »

Celebrating 175 Years

Make your plans early to attend this once in a lifetime 175th Anniversary Reunion. Watch video. More »


Illinois School for the Deaf High School Graduation

Illinois School for the Deaf High School Graduation
May 23rd, 2014
1:30 pm

In honor of the Illinois School for the Deaf’s 175th birthday, we, the Class of 2014,
cordially invite ISD Alumni to participate in our graduation ceremony.

Alumni will walk across the stage introducing themselves
stating their name and year of graduation.

Alumni will also be provided reserved seating. Family members and friends of
alumni will sit in the open seating area of the gym.

1. RSVP by May 14th. No exceptions.
2. Professional, school appropriate clothing is required to participate.
3. Alumni will introduce their name and year of graduation.

For more information or to RSVP,
please contact Sheila Stephens, HS Principal, by May 14th.
No late RSVPs will be accepted.

217-479-4254 (V/TTY)

Reunion Is Coming Soon!

And now, the 175th Anniversary Alumni Reunion is fast approaching… soon it will be June 27-29 and the school campus is ready for your “coming home” for the reunion!

Chairman Bob Dramin and his hardworking committee have been meeting every two weeks to make sure everything is in order and that everyone will have a great time at the reunion.

If you have not yet purchased a combo, it’s not too late to get yours for $100 before the price goes up to $125 on April 30. There shouldn’t be a dull moment during the weekend as there’s always something for everyone to do, especially all the time you will be catching up with your classmates or schoolmates.

If you would like to put in a personal ad or some kind of congratulationary note in the program book, just contact Marion Dramin at: mariondramin@gmail.com for future information as she is in charge of getting the reunion program book ready.

There will be some nice souvenirs at the banquet that you will take home with treasured and fond memories of the reunion.

The reunion will be a great time for you to meet the school’s newest superintendent who will have been here one year on May 1! Dr. Janice Smith-Warshaw is really looking forward to meeting all of the Alumni and the reunion is the perfect time for that!

There is still time to purchase combo or single event tickets for the reunion. So far, we have over 300 people signed up for BIG reunion!

Any questions or concerns, please get in touch with Bob Dramin at bdramin@aol.com or VP: 217-408-0542.

How many days left until ISD 175th Anniversary Reunion? Find out the days left to ISD 175th Anniversary Reunion by going to ISDAA website, (www.isdaa.org) and it’s right there on the sidebar. For your information, you could not see it on your mobile unless you change it to full site. Better view is to check your computer. Our webmaster, Dino Lomanto who created a countdown timer that counts down in seconds, minutes, hours and days to our special event, 175th Anniversary Reunion. Dino, thanks for making it happen and make our lives easier by checking the countdown timer.

2014 ISD Football Schedule Released

Here is 2014 ISD Football Schedule:

September 6 – Tennessee Deaf (H)
September 13 – Crosstown Christian Academy (Aurora, IL) (A)
October 4 – Indiana Deaf (Homecoming) (H)
October 11 – Minnesota Deaf (A)
October 18 – Michigan Deaf (H)
October 23 – Iowa Deaf (H)
November 1 – Mississippi Deaf (A)

When is the last time ISD play against deaf teams? 20 years ago!

Tiger Times By E-mail? Yes or No

With fast advancing technologies, lots of newsletters by many organizations are going to members by e-mail to save costs on paper, printing, and postage. We are looking into the possibility of sending The Tiger Times by e-mail and still continue to send them by postal service to those who so desire. This will help to cut costs and save ISDAA some money. ISDAA membership is very cheap at only $12 single/$17 couple and it doesn’t really cover the cost of the four issues of the newsletter. It has been a bargain for many of you all those years! We do not want to raise membership dues, so e-mail may be the answer. Will you please take the time to vote for e-mail or postal service for future issues of The Tiger Times? 

You can send e-mail to Bob Dramin at bdramin@aol.com with your vote,

Yes = e-mail Tiger Times to me
No = do not e-mail Tiger Times to me.

In Memory of James Edward Carter

It’s sad to announce that James Edward Carter, (Class of 1941) passed away on March 8, 2014. He was 88 years old.

[Source from Nelson Funeral Home, http://www.funeralquestions.com/obits/nelson/memorial.asp?listing_id=193169]